What is a Security Screen? And How Can They Protect Your Home?

Home security is possibly the most important aspect of owning or living in a residential home. Your house is supposed to be a safe place for you and your family to unwind and relax at the end of the day. There is something seriously wrong if this isn’t the case for your own home.

If you don’t feel safe in your home, it can cause big issues for your mental and physical wellbeing. The idea that anyone could break into your house at any time can weigh on your psyche. 

Additionally, if your home is not secure, you’re at risk of bodily harm by an intruder. Luckily, there are plenty of preventative measures you can take to keep unwanted intruders out of your home.

You’ve probably heard of alarm-based security systems, and people have probably suggested that you replace any faulty or fragile locks on your windows and doors. Both of these are great solutions for making your home a safer place to live.

More About What Window Security Screens Do

However, good home security requires several different efforts in order to be as effective as possible. This is where window security screens come into play. Now, you may be wondering “What is a security screen?” in the first place. 

We at Midwest Security Screens are here to break it down for you. In this article, we’ll present all of the facts that you need to know when it comes to security screens and what they can do for you and the safety of your home. 

What Exactly is a Window Security Screen?

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If you’ve never heard of security screens before, you might be scratching your head about what they are and how they pertain to your home’s safety. You might think of home security in terms of efficient locks and alarm systems.

While it’s true that having a good set of locks on your doors and windows will help keep robbers away, it’s not the only deterrent you want to use for your home. This goes for alarm systems as well. It’s a combination of security methods that will make your home feel more secure and actually keep unwanted intruders out. 

This is where safety screens come into play. Safety screens–commonly referred to as security screens–are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They are protective window or door installations that keep unwanted pests, including both bugs and burglars, out of your home. 

More Security Screen Benefits

Typically, security screens are made out of mesh wire and have latches that help people escape the home in the case of an emergency, like a fire. Safety screens create the security that traditional metal window bars give off without the hazards that come with them. 

While security screens are still technically penetrable by burglars, they are quite a deterrent. If a person goes to great lengths to install these security screens, the burglar might venture to guess that the person who cared enough to install these screens probably has some other security tricks up their sleeve too.

Not only do these screens defend your home from any person (or even animals in some cases!) from breaking into your home, but they also provide unobstructed views as well as great ventilation. If you live in the Chicagoland area and are interested in installing some of these screens, take a look at our website for more specific information regarding installation and fees. 

Security Screens for Windows and Their Effectiveness

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You might be torn between a few different safety options for your home. Perhaps you’re in a situation where you can only afford one or two safety measures for your home right now. Which should you buy first? Which is the most effective? Well, let’s dive into the facts, shall we?

You might be tempted to go with the alarm system or motion sensors first. While there’s no doubt that security alarm systems and other gadgets like security cameras do help dissuade robbers from entering your home, it’s also true that they’re of very little use once the damage is done. 

When it comes to safety screens, on the other hand, these are true physical barriers that a burglar will have a harder time getting through. Someone really determined to enter your home and take your belongings will be less deterred by an alarm than by boundaries that they manually must dismantle in order to enter the residence. 

As you might already know, alarm systems can cost you a pretty penny. So can any burglar deterrent that relies on advanced technology to operate. So, if you’re on a tight budget, choosing window and door screens is the most cost-effective way of discouraging burglars from entering your home. 

Learn More About Safety Screens 

You may have decided that installing safety screens is the right course of action for you and your family to protect your home. Or maybe you’re still not sure about the potential these screens have to protect you, your loved ones, and your belongings from being intruded upon. 

Either way, visit our website at Midwest Security Screens. We are dedicated to helping people across the Chicagoland area create a safe space to come home to each night. Our team has been working for over 50 years in this same business, and our customer satisfaction rate is nearly 100 percent. 

We can get a team of our professionals to size, create, and install security screens specific to your windows and doors in just a few weeks. Our screens are made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and steel mesh in order to provide the best possible protection for your home. 

If you have any questions about our products or our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our website. We’re available to discuss our business as well as your specific needs at any time. We are proud to serve Chicago and the surrounding area. So, if you think you’re ready to begin working with us to create your screens, let’s begin our journey together today!