Why You Need Easy-Escape Window Protection

There are many reasons why you need easy-escape window protection, but the number one reason why you need easy-escape window protection is house fires. You do not know how you will react when faced with a house fire. You do not want to have to fumble with a key or struggle with a lock. You want to get out as fast as possible. This is why you need easy-escape window protection. In this article you will learn basic fire safety and why you need easy-escape window protection.

House Fire

house fire

Like other disasters, no one can predict when they will encounter a house fire. It could be a spark from an outlet, an unsmothered cigarette, a cooking accident, or any number of unpredictable events. 

Every year house fires claim the lives of thousands of people and cause billions of dollars in property damage. You need to be prepared because a house fire can happen to anyone at any time.

Fire Safety

Fire safety goes beyond putting out lit candles. You need to make a plan concerning what to do in case of a fire, take steps to prevent fires, and make sure fire safety equipment is always in working condition.

Create a Plan

Fire safety begins with a plan. It is impossible to predict when a fire might break out in your home. Take the time to learn and teach your family what to do if a fire ever broke out.

Decide on a Meeting Place

Decide what you will do before you are faced with a house fire. Talk to your family and decide on a meeting place. This simple act can prevent people from running back into a burning building in search of a missing family member and save lives. 

Identify Escape Routes

Every room should have at least two escape routes. Fires are unpredictable. If one exit is blocked, you need to quickly find another escape route.

In the best-case scenario, you would always be able to escape a house fire through a door. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. If flames are blocking your access to your doors, you might need to use a window to escape. This is why you need easy-escape window protection. Security bars or window screens with too many steps to open will cost you valuable time. Locks should be easy to open for everyone from young children to the elderly and disabled. Fires can be life and death situations; the fewer steps between you and the outside the better. 

Be sure to take time to teach children how to open windows in case of a fire. You might not have time or be close enough to help them. 

Another reason why you need easy-escape window protection is the fact that it is the law. The specifics of the law vary from state to state. In Illinois, basement and bedroom windows must have a clear opening of at least 24 inches in height and 20 inches in width. 

Fire Prevention

Although some fires occur by chance, there are steps you can take to keep a fire from spreading or prevent one altogether.

Cooking Safety

Most fires occur during cooking mishaps. Stay alert while cooking. Fires spread quickly; if you pay close attention, you can get a small fire under control before it turns into an inferno. 

Keep all flammable materials away from the stovetop. Towels and napkins catch fire easily. Refrain from wearing loose-fitting clothing that could drape into the flame. 


Heating is the second leading cause of house fires. Do not leave flammable materials within three feet of space heaters. If you use a fireplace, double-check that the embers are completely extinguished. 

Fire Safety Equipment

fire safety

If a fire breaks out, you need to have the right tools at your disposal to make sure that you and your family get out unharmed. 

Install Smoke Alarms and Replace Batteries

A fire will not wake you up on its own. If a fire breaks out while you are asleep smoke alarms should wake you up. Install them inside bedrooms, outside bedrooms, and on every level of your residence. Test smoke alarms once a month and change batteries when needed. Smoke alarms are useless if the batteries die. 

Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can put out small fires before they become uncontrollable. You must put your safety first. If you do not believe you can extinguish the fire, you should get out of the building immediately. The fire department should be notified and you should have an easy escape route before you attempt to put out a fire on your own. It is also important to note that not all types of fire extinguishers will work on all types of fires. If you are unsure, then get out and call for help.

Security Screens

Fires are dangerous. That is why you need easy-escape window protection. Security screens built with fire safety in mind can both keep intruders out of your home while allowing for easy escape in the case of a fire and easy access by firemen.

Security Window Screens

You should not need to decide between easy escape during a fire and keeping intruders out. Unfortunately, that is what many window protectors ask you to do. Most security bars will keep you in your house just as well as they keep intruders out. Roughly 25 people are killed annually because their escape was impeded by security bars. 

Security window screens offer the best of both worlds. From the outside, they are virtually impenetrable, but from the inside exit is as easy as flipping a latch and pushing. If you get caught in a house fire you will not be asking why you need easy-escape window protection. You will just be thankful you have it.

If you are interested in easy-escape security window screens. Contact Midwest Security Screens for a free estimate. Our ADA-compliant, high-quality security window and door screens keep intruders out while allowing for easy egress for everyone including children, the elderly, and the disabled.