Best Window Security Solutions For Your Home

The worst possible scenario for many home and business owners is break-in and burglary. Not only can theft create a financial loss for you, but it can also create a mental fear for your personal safety and well-being. 

While it’s statistically true that most home invasions are performed through doors, windows are still an option that burglars commonly use to enter buildings without raising suspicion from neighbors. It’s important to make sure the doors and windows of your home are secure in order to protect you from trespassers and thieves. 

This is why you should invest in the best window security solutions that are available. Unfortunately, most people only realize the importance of this issue after their home has already been broken into. It’s important to take more preventative measures to keep unwanted visitors out of your home or your place of work. 

What to Know About Window Security

window security

Throughout history, there have been plenty of instruments and gadgets created for the very purpose of warding off robbers. The first that might come to mind is security alarm systems. These systems are rather new in terms of technology and can be very useful, especially to help you monitor your home from inside or from far away.

However, the biggest problem with home security alarm systems is that if it doesn’t deter a criminal from entering your home, the alarms will only sound once the damage is already done. Sure, most alarm systems are able to notify the police once they’re set off, however, it doesn’t stop the burglar from having already destroyed a window or dismantling a lock. 

Some of Your Other Options When it Comes to Window Safety

The best window security solutions are ones that incorporate multiple deterrents that will ward off potential invaders. Harking back to the 1800s and potentially even earlier, metal security bars were placed over windows. It’s no secret that these bars do help deter burglars, but they’re also known to cause serious injury or even death in emergency scenarios. 

Fortunate for home and business owners everywhere, there are many safer window security solutions that also provide other benefits to your home. This includes everything from replacing the locks on your windows to installing reliable window screens to installing individual window alarms.

Follow along for further information about how you can make your home a safer place and keep burglars from intruding. 

Some of the Different Types of Security for Windows

There are many different types of window security solutions available to you in the world we live in. We’re lucky enough to live in a time of great technological advancement. So, your first step might be to install a home security system. 

Alarm systems, no matter how extensive or limited they might be, are proven to decrease crime. We also suggest, whether you have an alarm system or not, that you put up signs on the property that claim a security alarm system will sound for potential intruders. A simple sign can be enough for a potential thief to decide not to commit a burglary. 

We also suggest that you take measures to secure your doors and windows. This means replacing faulty or generally frail locks with more substantial ones. Additionally, you can install motion sensor lights outside of your home that make it difficult for intruders to sneak around your property. 

Additionally, if you want the security that comes with metal window bars but not the prison-like aesthetics or the difficulties that might arise during an emergency, you can also opt for window security screens. All of these security solutions protect your home or business from a potential burglary while also giving you some peace of mind. 

Some Statistics on Burglaries


Your home is supposed to make you feel safe. The idea of someone intruding on this space or taking your possessions is stressful in and of itself. But when it actually happens, it can cause a lot of heartache. 

Not only will you be monetarily struggling if a robber comes into your home and takes your belongings, but you will also be scarred by the idea of a stranger invading your home. This can even cause you to suffer from psychological problems. 

These are the reasons why we want to prevent robberies from happening rather than waiting until a traumatic event occurs to take safety measures seriously. Statistics show that 66 percent of the 2.5 million break-ins that happen across the country each year happen in residential homes. 

At Midwest Security Screens, we provide several different window security solutions to help you feel safe in your home. Not only do we create window screens that prevent burglaries and are easily accessible to all in case of an in-home emergency, but we also provide services for door screens as well. 

Window Security Solutions for All  

It’s a no-brainer that homes and businesses should be able to feel safe from crime, even in a city environment like Chicago. The unfortunate reality is that if you’re not prepared, you’re more susceptible to a burglary. 

That’s why we provide some of the best window security solutions money can buy at Midwest Security Screens. We provide the best security options to all of Chicagoland. Our screens are made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum as well as stainless steel mesh. 

In addition to this, each window screen is fully ADA compliant and accessible to those with disabilities, children, and elders in the case of an emergency. Say a fire has broken out in the house, and there are no doors available to escape from. With our security screens, all a person has to do is flip a latch and push out. 

So, if you currently have no security guards to protect your home aside from locks, you should be doing your research on what methods are most effective. And once you’ve begun the process of taking extra measures to protect your home, contact us at Midwest Security Solutions for the most reliable products and the most professional services in the Chicagoland area.