Whether you are wanting to upgrade the security of your current home or you’ve just moved into a new home, figuring out which home security device to use can be difficult. There is a wide range of home protection products to choose from. However, many people agree that home security alarms and window security screens are among the most worthwhile to choose for your home’s safety and security. In this article, we’ll discuss home security alarms vs. window security screens as well as security cameras for home so you can make the right choice for the highest levels of personal security and safety.

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Home Security Systems

A major basis for our personal safety and security resides in home security systems. But often, people don’t know what a security system is or how one works to provide impactful security and safety for a location or property. This type of security system consists of a collection of physical electronic components that come together to provide protection for a home. Frequently, an individual home security system consists of specific objects, including a security camera, entry sensor, motion sensor, siren, glass break sensor, panic button, keypad, base station, key fob, window stickers or yard sign, and CO and smoke detectors, all working toward your security.

Some of the more common home security systems are professional, wired, wireless, smart, and local only. A professional security system can refer to one of two things; either a system that includes professional installation, or professional monitoring. A wired system is hardwired into a property’s electrical system, while a wireless system doesn’t have wires and depends on batteries, cellular backup, and/or Wi-Fi. Smart systems connect to the internet so the owner can view live footage, receive notifications, and remotely control the system. A local-only system isn’t connected to the internet, so there’s no remote access or monitoring.

Home Security Alarms

While a security system can refer to one of several devices that safeguard a building or home from intruders by securing doors, windows, other entry points, and the internal space of the property, home security alarms produce audible alerts to the residents or occupants of a building to alert them of an imminent intrusion. The residents or occupants receive notice of an intrusion or breakdown in a part of the security and protection of the building. Some security alarm systems satisfy the single goal of burglar protection, while others may also provide a level of fire protection. However, like other security systems, alarms come with specific drawbacks.

Depending on your unique circumstances, a security alarm and other home security systems can present a range of disadvantages. If your security alarm connects to your security company solely by a phone line, an intruder can cut the line, and then all company communication and monitoring cease. You can also have false alarms, in which the fire department or police arrive at your home responding to a false alert. They can also charge depending on the number of false alerts. One of the biggest drawbacks of a security alarm or other security system is arguably the expense. They can be costly to install, and you may have to pay a regular usage fee.

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Security Cameras for Home

While other security systems such as security alarms, work to provide an audible alarm system and other safety and security features for a property, a security camera for your home or other important property has its own unique qualities. A security camera is a video camera that works to record the activities of people to both detect and prevent crime on a property. While home security cameras continue to change other the years, their essential function remains the same. If you’re looking for a personal security system, security cameras are an option, but while they are distinct from other security systems, they too have certain drawbacks.

One of the biggest disadvantages of installing a security camera is the risk of a personal privacy breach. If you are installing a camera at your business or another public property location, you can risk breaching your employees’ right to privacy, which can also affect their work performance. In other public places, it can also send the message of a lack of trust. If the security camera is for home, you may curb but not fully stop an intruder’s efforts. In criminal proceedings, you also risk a lack of video clarity, resulting in this being thrown out as evidence. Cameras are not a cost-effective option for recording, and can be destroyed or manipulated.

Benefits of Window Security Screens

Window security screens not only negate a number of the drawbacks of security alarms, security cameras, and other security systems, but screens also have many unique benefits to consider when comparing home security alarms vs. window security screens for instance. They are a cost-efficient option, providing continuous light and ventilation, while not requiring regular maintenance or any usage fees. Screens also reduce direct sunlight, harmful UV rays, and air conditioning, which can all make a big impact on your energy bills. Best of all, they don’t malfunction as electronics can, but still, effectively deter any present burglars.

The Best Security Screens for Windows

For Chicagoland’s best security screens for windows, go with Midwest Security Screens. These security screens are made with high-quality materials, including steel mesh and heavy-duty extruded aluminum, with an extremely durable powder-coated finish. The professionals at Midwest Security can customize your security screens for the highest level of continuous quality, results, and the right fit for each of your window spaces. You can enjoy custom sizing, creation, and installation of your security window screens in a matter of weeks.

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Comparing Home Security Alarms and Window Security Screens

In consideration of the various drawbacks of home security alarms and other security systems, window security screens are the right choice. For all the benefits of impactful security without the drawbacks of other security products, connect with Midwest Security Screens today.