You can easily protect your residential or commercial building windows with a few simple changes to your security. Increasing the security of your windows effectively increases the safety and security of your property, possessions, and any present loved ones or employees. With greater window security, you can also enjoy greater peace of mind as you work to achieve your daily goals. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make your windows more secure, including how to increase your window protection and security, and how to secure your building’s windows without bars. It’s important to secure your windows for increased safety and success.


Window Protection

Good window protection is one of the best ways to effectively provide adequate safety and security for your property, possessions, and any loved ones or employees at your residential or commercial building. There are many different potential threats your building can face on a daily basis, including burglary, theft, and harsh weather, among others. But you may be asking yourself, “How do I make my windows more secure?”. Some of the top options for increasing the security of your property include burglar bars, shutters, alarms, and security windows. However, there are some significant distinctions between these different window security items.

Burglar Bars

These security bars are metal bars that can fit over your doors or windows with the goal of protecting your property, including any people or personal items you have inside. Metal security bars can keep unwanted intruders out of your property, but they are also fairly unsightly which can bring down the appeal of your building and its property values. Security bars can also make you feel as if you’re in jail. They don’t protect your windows from any intruder or weather damage. They can also cause injuries or death by effectively barring your exit in an emergency. An intruder is also able to reach in through the bars and any screen to cause internal damage.

Window Shutters

Internal and external window shutters are solid window coverings consisting of vertical stiles surrounded by a frame. While they can keep intruders out in an emergency and protect the windows from environmental damage, they also have some drawbacks of their own. Window shutters block out fresh air, light, and the view outside your property. Their material and electric mechanisms can also wear out over time, at which point you’ll have to face some repair or replacement costs. In addition to these drawbacks, if you have external shutters you put yourself at risk in an emergency because you have to secure these from outside your property.

screen door

Building Alarms

A security alarm can work, but usually, after a given intruder breaks one or more windows or gains access through a door. Often, building alarms go off and no nearby help bothers to respond. Most cause a lot of destruction and grab or do what they want before any help arrives. A great deal of smash-and-grab burglaries occur during the day when most of the people of a neighborhood are at work or otherwise preoccupied. The vandal can be in and out in 5 minutes or less in some cases. It can take law enforcement much longer to respond, and at this point, the damage is done. Building alarms may also require ongoing service contract fees and wiring.

Security Windows

Security windows or security window screens are the preferred security item compared to burglar bars, window shutters, building alarms, and many other types of security devices. Many people prefer security windows to shutters and security bars as they provide more appealing aesthetics and increased safety benefits for a property. A security window can protect your window against damage or forced entry for as long as it’s in place on your building. You can keep your windows open to enjoy the sunshine, view, and fresh air while still maintaining high-security benefits. They are also energy efficient, effectively reducing UV light, heat, and glare. 

Security Window Screens

There are many other benefits to Midwest Security’s window screens as one of the best ways to make your windows more secure. These security window screens have ADA-approved single-point release latches, and their design protects against hurricane winds and other weather impacts. They are made of high tensile 304 stainless steel and have reinforced heavy-duty 6063-T5 aluminum frames. These high-quality, durable, and lasting materials provide your window screen with effective pet-proof mesh. They are also maintenance-free, which is a huge benefit compared to other security devices. You can simply enjoy the quality, lasting benefits.

You can mount these security screens over any existing windows you have in your residential or commercial property. Choose from white bronze, black, almond, charcoal grey, or a custom color to match your existing windows or aesthetic. They also have a durable powder-coated finish so you can maintain a unique, appealing appearance to your windows and building as a whole while not making any compromises to quality, durability, or safety. You can even leave your windows open to enjoy the breeze and smells of the outdoors while maintaining your security. Best of all, these security window screens allow easy access to and from the building.


How to Secure Windows Without Bars

Arguably the best way to secure your windows without bars, shutters, or alarms is to go with window security screens. Window screens have the highest quality materials, durability, and security of the various devices without compromising your property and loved ones or employees. You can have protection in an emergency or get out in time during a fire or other disaster rather than putting yourself at risk of becoming trapped or otherwise hindered. Some other ways to secure your windows without bars include using reliable locks, motion sensor lights, or security cameras.

Making Your Windows More Secure

There are several options for making your windows more secure, but few are as effective or beneficial as security screens. For the highest quality, durable, and lasting security, connect with Midwest Security today.