Frequently Asked Questions

What are the security screens made from?

Our window security screens and security screen doors are made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and .035 stainless steel mesh. The SPR latches are made from hardened plastic.

How much do security screens cost?

When you use the best materials and design a product to perform the way it was intended to, you have real value. Our screens are made here in the USA and each security screen is custom made by hand to fit your home. The price varies by size and complexity of the frame. The average size window screen starts at around $600 and door screens start at around $1895.00.

How long does it take to make a security screen?

Normally about 3-4 weeks from final measure to install. Unfortunately, it currently takes longer based on the COVID-19 pandemic-related surge in demand as well as supply chain delays. The realistic time frame is about 12-13 weeks, but we are striving to reduce this.

Do the window security screens reduce the amount of solar energy coming into the room?

Yes, about 65%. It will help you save on A/C costs.

What colors are available?

The standard colors for frames and mesh are black, white, almond, bronze, and charcoal grey. But we can also do any custom color.

How do you get out in event of an emergency?

Each window screen is hinged. On the inside there's a latch. It's ADA-compliant and easily operated by young children, the elderly, as well as handicapped individuals. Just flip the latch and push. The screen opens like a car door for quick and easy egress.

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