Midwest Security Screen News
  • What Is a Smash & Grab and How Can I Prevent It?
    Organized retail crime, also known as ORC, is a problem that has been increasing in the last couple of years. In fact, these robberies have become more brazen and more […]
  • How Do I Make My Windows More Secure?
    You can easily protect your residential or commercial building windows with a few simple changes to your security. Increasing the security of your windows effectively increases the safety and security […]
  • Home Security Alarms vs. Window Security Screens
    Whether you are wanting to upgrade the security of your current home or you’ve just moved into a new home, figuring out which home security device to use can be […]
  • Best Window Security Solutions
    Best Window Security Solutions For Your Home The worst possible scenario for many home and business owners is break-in and burglary. Not only can theft create a financial loss for […]
  • Window Security Options Without Risk
    You can lock your doors and turn on an alarm, but an unprotected window is an invitation for robbers and vandals even with that. If you want window security without the risks, […]