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Burglar Bars

These old school iron security bars may keep people out, but they are ugly and make you feel like you're in jail. [The cheap ones from big box stores aren't even worth the effort.] With bars, the window can still be broken... so then you will have to pay to replace the glass.... And, can you get out if there's a fire? Not likely, unless they have a more expensive quick release mechanism that's installed inside your home. Forget about leaving the window open at night to get fresh air because someone could easily reach in through the bars and insect screen. Having security bars installed on a home can also diminish the property value, deter buyers, and unintentionally give the impression of an unsafe neighborhood.

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These commercial looking products may keep people out but only when they are completely closed blocking all light, fresh air, and views. So, if you are in your home and want the security benefit you will feel like you're in a cave. Shutters also may have electric mechanisms that can wear out and overtime will need servicing. We've actually had customers, with existing shutters, have us remove them and install our screens.

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Alarms may work but only after an intruder has already broken the window or opened the door. Often the alarm goes off and nobody around bothers to respond. Most smash and grab burglaries happen during the day when everyone in the neighborhood is at work, and the vandals are in and out within 5 minutes or less. It may take much longer for anyone including police to respond. By then the damage is done. Alarm systems also may require electrical wiring as well as ongoing service contract fees. Many of our customers have us install security screens even though they already have cameras and alarms in place.

It's true that no security product is indestructible. You could drill a hole through a brick house IF you have enough --- time, tools, energy and didn't care about making a heck of a lot of noise. But choosing the best front-line deterrent product that looks great and offers added benefits is the most intelligent decision you can make to protect your family, valuables, and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our Security Screens win every time.

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