Security Screens: Bucktown

Security Screens in Bucktown

If you want to protect your home or business in Bucktown from threats like intruders and burglars, come to Midwest Security Screens. Bucktown is a fairly safe neighborhood, but don’t wait for something bad to happen before calling us to secure your property. Let Midwest Security Screens put your mind at ease by installing our security screens on your Bucktown home or business. We build handcrafted window and door screens built to fit your home or business that secure your property, while adding to the curb appeal. Midwest Security Screen has all your Bucktown safety needs covered. 

What is a Security Screen?

A security screen is the first layer of defense against threats like burglars, vandals, or even storms. That’s right: our security screens don’t just provide security against other people, but the natural elements, too. Our screen frames are designed with reinforced heavy-duty extruded aluminum that guards against cutting, impact, and prying, creating a virtually impenetrable barrier against any threat. At Midwest Security Screens, we offer various security options for residential, commercial, and institutional properties across Chicagoland, including Bucktown. 

Do I Need Security Screens in Bucktown?


All too often, families and business owners don’t think about their security until after a break-in or some other type of vandalism has occurred at their home or business. Though Bucktown is generally considered a safe neighborhood, anything can happen. Every Bucktown apartment, house, storefront, and commercial property can benefit from safety screens. 

Bucktown Window Screens 

Midwest Security Screens for windows and doors are made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and .035 stainless steel mesh. Our Bucktown window screens can be mounted over existing windows and are handcrafted to fit your home. They are recommended by law enforcement for safety reasons, but have a myriad of other benefits, from reducing direct sunlight in your home to keeping your pets, children, and family secure. We can create window screens in any color. 

Bucktown Home Security

Your Bucktown home security should be of paramount importance. Our security screens keep you and your family safe in the event of any kind of emergency. We install screens on your windows and doors to maximize the safety of your Bucktown home. 

Bucktown Business Security

In addition to providing residential window screens for Bucktown residents, we also offer window screens and security solutions for commercial and institutional buildings in Bucktown. Our products add a valuable protective layer to storefronts and commercial properties. Window screens are used widely on schools, churches, and large residential buildings like multi-unit or HOA properties. 

Benefits of Security Screens in Bucktown

Window Screen

There are several benefits to installing security screens in Bucktown, including:

24/7 Safety

Our window and door screens stay secure against forced entry, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You never have to worry about a system failing due to a power outage. Our security screens are a reliable option to keep you safe. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Instead of unsightly security bars, instead choose security screens to match the aesthetic of your Bucktown home or business. You can keep your windows open to enjoy the Bucktown breeze, while still staying safe.

Protect From More Than Just Intruders

In addition to protection from intruders and burglars, our window screens are hurricane-rated. They are built to withstand the wild weather of the Windy City.

Pet, Child, and Bug-Proof Mesh

Our window screens will keep your pet and children safe and inside, and will keep bugs and insects outside. 

Reduce Air Conditioning Costs

Our screens are energy efficient, which can help reduce air conditioning costs. They reduce heat, glare, and UV rays. 

Allow Emergency Access

Our windows have an ADA-approved single-point released latch. In the event of a fire or other emergency, you can still safely get out of your windows, or firemen will still be able to get in. 

No Maintenance Required 

Once your window screens are installed by Midwest Security Screens, no additional maintenance is required. 

Allow Full Views

Don’t obscure your view of your beautiful Bucktown neighborhood with burglar bars! Our window screens allow a full view of the outside. 

Specialty Screens 

Midwest Security Screens has the ability to create specialty security screens to fit any application and any window. For example, we can customize security screens over window A/C units, to fit uniquely designed windows, and to fit windows on homes alongside golf courses that are damaged frequently by golf balls. 

Security Screen Doors, Patios Sliders, and French Doors

In addition to our window screens, Midwest Security Screens also offers a line of security screen doors. Our doors can be made for all shapes, sizes, and configurations. They are similar in appearance to ordinary fly and insect screens, provide clear views, and allow the cool breezes to flow through your home, while still providing premium security. Our security screen doors look aesthetically pleasing, while also keeping you safe. 

Security Screens vs. Burglar Bars 

There are several pros to choosing security screens over burglar bars for your Bucktown business or home. Not only are bars ugly and make you feel like you’re in jail, but they can be broken — and so can your window. This means you will also have to replace the glass. Also, in the event of a fire, you cannot exit your windows when you have burglar bars installed.

Why Choose Midwest Security Screens for Bucktown Safety?

Midwest Security Screens is Chicagoland’s leading provider of security screens for windows and doors. We are a family-owned and operated business with more than 50 years of building and design experience. We handcraft our products, which are made in the USA. Our company has installed thousands of window and door screens. Your Bucktown property could be next. Choose a company that knows the safety needs of Bucktown residents and business owners! 

Protect Your Bucktown Home or Business with Midwest Security Screens

Peace of mind is priceless. Let Midwest Security Screens put your mind at ease by installing our security screens on your Bucktown property. Contact us today for a free consultation for Bucktown window screens or screen doors for your home or business!