Wicker Park Security Screens

Security Screens in Wicker Park 

If you want to protect your Wicker Park home or business from burglars and other threats, you’ve found the right place. At Midwest Security Screens, we help you feel safe in Wicker Park without living behind bars. All too frequently, the first time we consider installing an important security feature like security screens is after a break-in has already occurred. Don’t let that be you. Instead, let us secure your mind and your home by installing security screens on your Wicker Park home or business. Our company has all the Wicker Park security options you need for peace of mind. 

Definition of a Security Screen

Burglary is more likely to happen when there are unprotected openings in your home or business — like your windows and doors. Midwest Security Screens installs security screens on your Wicker Park home or business’ windows and doors to keep you safe and protect you from break-ins, burglaries, and more. A security screen is the first line of defense against everything kind of threat, from intruders to vandals and even Chicago’s weather. Our clients love our security screens because they allow you to retain the aesthetic appeal of your home or business, while also keeping you and your family safe. 

Security Screens in Wicker Park

Wicker Park is a relatively safe neighborhood, but you can never be too safe in Chicago. Every Wicker Park home, apartment, storefront, and commercial property can benefit from top-of–the-line security screens from Midwest Security Screens. Security screens are frequently recommended by law enforcement for safety reasons, but they also have a ton of other benefits, from keeping insects out of your home to reducing sunlight and increasing energy efficiency. 

Wicker Park Home Security


The security of your Wicker Park home is our top priority. Our security screens can keep your Wicker Park house or apartment safe from any exterior threat. Maximize the safety of your family with our security screens. 

Wicker Park Commercial Security 

Midwest Security Screens also offers a variety of security options for Wicker Park businesses, storefronts, and commercial properties of all kinds. Our products add a valuable protective layer to storefronts and commercial properties. Window screens are used widely on schools, churches, and large residential buildings like multi-unit or HOA properties. 

Benefits of Security Screens in Wicker Park

Our security screens are manufactured from all-aluminum and stainless steel. Every one of our security screens is handcrafted to fit your Wicker Park home. Learn more about the benefits of our security screens for your Wicker Park property’s windows:  

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Our screens are a preferred alternative to typical security bars and shutters due to their aesthetic appeal. Security bars can make you feel like you are living in a prison and deter potential clients from visiting your business. 

Protect From More Than Just Intruders

In addition to protection from intruders and burglars, our window screens are hurricane-rated. They are built to withstand the wild weather of the Windy City.

Safety Latch

Each screen includes the patented ADA-compliant egress latch that enables you and your family to quickly exit your home in the case of an emergency. Everyone from young children to the elderly can operate the latch with no issues. 

Fit Seamlessly Over Your Windows

No ugly security screens here! We offer custom design options to match your existing window color, and our screens can be mounted over your existing windows. 

Leave Windows Open

Our Wicker Park window screens allow you to leave the windows open, so you can still enjoy the breeze while maintaining your security. 

Pet, Child, and Bug-Proof Mesh

Our window screens will keep your pet and children safe and inside, and will keep bugs and insects outside. 

No Maintenance Required 

Once your window screens are installed by Midwest Security Screens, no additional maintenance is required. 

Increase Property Value 

Our custom-crafted security screens can even increase the value of your home or business. 

Security Screen Doors, Patio Sliders, and French Doors

Window Screen

Our line of security screen doors can be made to fit all shapes, sizes, and configurations of doors. They are nearly identical to ordinary fly and insect screens, yet they provide excellent security. Learn more about the many benefits of our security screen doors for your Wicker Park home: 

  • Completely secure doors against forced entry, all day, every day
  • Allow a full view of the outside and your beautiful Wicker Park neighborhood
  • Keep the door open to enjoy the fresh air, while staying secure
  • No maintenance necessary 
  • The doors reduce heat, glare, and UV rays, making them energy efficient
  • Pet-proof screen mesh 
  • Hinged doors have a 3-point locking system for tamper-resistant, maximum security 
  • Heavy duty reinforced 6063-T5 aluminum frames
  • Hurricane rated – wind and impact 

Choose Midwest Security Screens for Wicker Park Safety and Security 

There are several reasons why you should choose our security screens for your windows and doors. At Midwest Security Screens, we are easy to work with and know the needs of the Wicker Park neighborhood. We are Chicagoland’s leading provider of security screens for windows and doors. Our company is a family-owned and operated business with more than 50 years of building and design experience. All of our products are handcrafted and made in the USA. We have installed thousands of window and door screens for residential and commercial properties across Chicagoland. 

Screens vs. Burglar Bars

Our security screens are a much better option for your home or business than burglar bars. Not only are burglar bars unwelcoming, but they are not as secure as our screens! Burglar bars can also keep you from exiting your home safely in the event of a fire or another emergency. Protect your Wicker Park property with security screens for all of your windows and doors. 

Install Security Screens 

Hopefully, we have answered all of your questions about security screens. Midwest Security Screen serves Wicker Park residents and business owners. Let Midwest Security Screens help you protect your family and your assets with the best front-line deterrent home security. The peace of mind is priceless. Schedule a free consultation for your Wicker Park property today!